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About us


Added value:


Overveld has much to offer. In addition to high quality products and continuous attention to quality assurance, we offer a high level of delivery reliability. The safety certification reflects the companies’ focus on safe working conditions for all of their employees. Overveld has an excellent reputation in the industrial sector and food industry. Numerous high-quality brands are among our clients.

Our success is primary a result of our no-nonsense attitude. In addition, we are known for the ability to truly listen to our clients and full filling our promis.

To ensure the future and stability of the company, we invest in continuous training and education of all our employees and give trainees the possibility to enhance their study in our company.



Machine innovators:


Beside the expert knowledge, Overveld Machines has experience in every aspect of machine construction. Designs are made by using high standard CAD systems. We apply advanced techniques in production methods, such as optical and sensorial technology. As a result, we supply high-quality products made according to the latest CE and, at request, ATEX machine guidelines.

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