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Every responsibility for possible damage in consequence of access and use of this site will be explicit rejected by the company. At the same time there will be not given any guarantees for faultless and uninterrupted functioning of this site. Although the company exerts oneself to the extreme to keep the content of this site as up-to-date and complete as possible, she can’t offer any guarantee for accuracy, validity, completeness or actuality of the information that is published on this site or for which through this site is being access offered. The company accepts in that relation not any responsibility.


This information and recommendations can be changed without any previous communication. The company procures by this site information about products and services. To this information can’t be taken any rights from. The information on this site, as well as the information on sites or documents through which this site can get be accessed is not meant as a replacement of expert advice. Without verification or further information is the use of the offered information for own account and risk of the user.


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The (intellectual) ownerships are not about the corporation and people who get access to this site in any way. The contents of this site can be just used for what this is meant. The user of this site is not allowed to multiply the contents of this site, forward, distribute, spread or for compensation put available for third parties without the explicitness, written permission of the company.


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Although the company is very selective with respect to the sites to what is referred she can neither guarantee the content and the functioning of it, nor the quality of possible products or services that are being offered on that.


The company does neither give any guarantee, nor will she accept any responsibility concerning the content of such sites.


User of this site can, under certain conditions, automatically be foreseen of specific information on base of a by them given profile. Such information can be send by e-mail or so-called SMS-message. At the sending and the content of this messages applies above mentioned.


At this site and at this disclaimer is Dutch Right mentioned.

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